Having achieved the necessary patents for a pioneering optical processing technology, and recognising the need for additional funding to develop a working prototype, Cambridge University spinout Optalysys turned to Versio.

Our brief: to help Optalysys to identify and exploit ‘real world’ commercial opportunities to translate its groundbreaking innovation… into profitable revenue. 

Drawing on our business consulting experience in gaining profitable market engagement for early-stage technology companies, we took the company back to basics. Asking questions like: what is this invention, really? What does it actually do best? And who needs it the most?

As we began to formulate the answers, it became clear that the new optical processor was perfectly suited to solving computational fluid dynamics calculations at unrivalled speed: faster by far than any existing supercomputer, at less than a tenth of the price.

That realisation, in turn, opened the door to a whole range of applications and opportunities – from weather forecasting to Formula 1 racing – and gave rise to two highly marketable early-stage product offerings: a ‘Big Data’ analysis system, and an Optical Solver Supercomputer.

Thus it was, with renewed confidence, the Versio team set about making Optalysys ‘investment ready’: creating a compelling business plan and financial projections to attract the necessary funding.

And developing the company’s branding, web content, and collateral – and a series of media releases, articles and thought pieces – to introduce the company to key media in the scientific community.

The focus now is on maintaining levels of interest throughout the next stage of the development process – utilising a sophisticated CRM system to create and implement data-driven lead generation campaigns for future growth.

That said, and although the rapidly growing pipeline of prospective customers is more than welcome, Optalysys’ founder Dr Nick New feels that Versio’s real added value was in our ability “to monetise our innovation”. He says,

“The Versio team brought an objectivity, and sense of commercial reality, to the table. As a result, our new Chairman, also introduced by Versio, has secured the funding we need to move forward. We are now in contact with new potential customers, including Europe’s leading weather research centre, which are keen to collaborate with us.”


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